By having the experience operating at a high level across a spectrum of local industries we have developed a knowledge base of how these industries operate, the expectations and the complex commercial processes involved in large organisations.

We currently have digital hub networks in MediaCityUK, West Cumbria, UK and Houston, Texas, USA.

  • Over 35 years’ experience working in highly-regulated industries
  • Nuclear, oil & gas, pharma
  • Advice on technology adoption and suitable digital solutions
  • Advice on who to engage, when, where and how
  • Identify, develop and translate concise problem statements and scope definition.
  • Engaging with industry and translating client requirements into a technical orientated scope.
  • Combining the right capabilities to deliver the right solution.
  • Growing reputation in the digital space, having delivered many immersive technology applications to both large and small organisations around the globe.
  • Developing proposals, frameworks and incubator programme support.


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